Adding Juventutem to “My Contacts”

by Paul S on January 1, 2014

[h/t to Episcopal Digital Network for this info, which we acknowledge as the source of this idea, and some of the content]

How do I add Juventutem emails to my contacts or safe senders list?

To ensure delivery of our emails add to your address book or approved senders list. See instructions for your email system below: Gmail, Yahoo, Others.

You will need to add our From address, to your Gmail Contacts List:

  • Hover your mouse over our name (“Juventutem Michigan”), at the top left of an email
  • When the contact dialog box pops up, click on “Add to Contacts” and Gmail will go to its “Contacts” interface.
  • Click on the “Add to My Contacts” button. 🙂


  • Click on “Gmail” in the upper left hand corner and then choose the “Contacts” option.
  • Click “New Contact”
  • Copy and paste our From address, into the primary email address dialog box.
  • Click somewhere else and you’re done.


  • Click “Spam” along the left side of any Gmail page
  • If any of our mail is present, click the ‘check mark’ the box next to it
  • Click “Not Spam” button along the top


You will need to set up a filter to redirect our email into your inbox:

  • Click on our name (“Juventutem Michigan”), at the top left of an email.
  • From the resulting menu, click on “Add to Contacts…”
  • When the “Add to Contacts” dialog box pops up, click “Save.”

It would also be good to go back to an email from us and

  • Click on the “More” button, above.
  • Select “Filter Emails Like This …”
  • At the bottom of the form, set “Then move the message to:” to “Inbox.”
  • Click “Save.”


If you use a Web mail system or email application not listed above, the instructions for white listing our email address will depend on the specific email program you are using. If you access the help files, instruction manual or customer support, there should be instructions on how to do this.
In most cases, just adding our From address,, to your address book, safe list, white list or contact list will be sufficient.
If our updates are not getting to your inbox, then we suggest checking your spam folder, bulk folder or junk folder. If you find our email there, you will need to find a way to inform your mail application that it is not spam. Most likely the course of action is to select our email and click on the Not Spam or Not Junk button, if available. For more information about your mail application, please visit the help section that is associated with your email client/email application.

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