Nota – 18 September 2012

by Paul S on September 18, 2012

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September 18, 2012

Feast of St. Joseph of Cupertino

Greetings Friends,

This Friday night sees us gather in Flint for a celebration of St. Matthew and Michaelmas Ember Friday.  Next Friday, we’ll be at Assumption Grotto for the feast of St. Wencelaus.  If you need a ride to either of these Masses, please let me know, as we have young adults coming from Lansing, Ann Arbor, Port Huron, Metro Detroit, etc.

Lots of upcoming Extraordinary Form Masses organized by others are detailed below, as well.

God bless,

Group Coordinator, Juventutem Michigan


News in Brief

September 19, 21, 22: Michaelmas Embertide
September 20: JM Schola practice – Ann Arbor
September 21: *Bonus* Mass & Dinner – St. Matthew, Flint
September 23: Quarterly TLM – St. Hyacinth, Detroit – fb
September 28: Monthly Mass & Dinner at Assumption Grotto, Detroit
September 28-29: Chant Workshop in Columbus, OH
September 30: Monthly “last Sunday” TLM – Immaculate Conception, Lapeer – 12:30 p.m.
October 11:
TLM for 50th Anniversary of Vatican II – St. Alphonsus Church, Windsor
October 13-14: Call to Holiness Conference
October 14: Pontifical High Mass: Bp. Sample – Assumption Grotto – noon
October 21: St. Albertus: Monthly TLM – Noon
October 21: 24th Anniversary – Solemn High Mass – All Saints, Flint – 4:00 p.m. Mass, followed by dinner
October 26: Monthly Mass & Dinner – Holy Redeemer, Detroit

Notes: Recap: Marie Reine pilgrimage

Frequently Asked Questions: How do I join?; How can I help?




Michaelmas Embertide

Beginning tomorrow, we have the opportunity to observe the Autumnal (or “Michaelmas”) Ember Days – Ember Wednesday (9/19), Ember Friday (9/21) and Ember Saturday (9/22), which fall in the week after the Sunday after the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.

Ember Days fall four times within each year and are days when the faithful can particularly focus on God through His marvelous creation.  Ember Days are days of fasting and partial abstinence, which are voluntary under the 1983 code of canon law. Marking the change of the natural seasons by prayer and fasting, we can thank God for all that He has done for us, for the plenty of the earth, and the beauty of the world He created.  (See also, New Advent: Ember Days; and the Fish Eaters explanation of how the Ember Days are fashioned after a prior Jewish fasting tradition.)

In our Protestant and/or secular American culture, it is often said that the Church co-opted pagan festivals, giving them a little leavening of Catholicism but otherwise importing them whole cloth.  In most important cases, this claim is wholly untrue; but is made by our opponents so as to suggest that Catholicism is a pagan or non-Christian religion.  Ember Days are, in a sense, an exception to the rule – not because the Church adopted anything that was pagan but rather because the Church ‘Christianized’ something that the pagans had gotten almost right – thanking and praising God for a bountiful harvest, a rich vintage, a productive seeding or the blessing of nature in general.

Ember Days began in the Diocese of Rome before Christians were free to practice the Faith in public and gradually spread to all of western Christendom.  They were celebrated in the third century and their origins are shrouded perhaps even further in the past.  In 1969, in preparation for the introduction of the Missal of Pope Paul VI in 1970, the Congregation for Divine Worship invited all of the national bishops conferences to determine how the Ember Days should be incorporated into the calendar of that Missal within their nations.  To date, the Bishops of the United States have not acted on this invitation – and the Ember Days do not yet appear in our Ordinary Form calendar.

Nonetheless, under Pope Benedict’s motu proprio Summorum Pontificum (7/7/07) and its instruction Universae Ecclesiae (4/30/11), it remains our option to take advantage of the Extraordinary Form’s calendar and the prayers and readings attached to the Masses of the Michaelmas Embertide.

On Friday night, our Mass in Flint will include a commemoration of Ember Friday, in addition to its focus on St. Matthew.  As far as Ember Wednesday and Ember Saturday – we understand that there are 7:30 a.m. TLMs on each of those days at Assumption Grotto.

Juventutem Michigan Schola

Our schola will practice this Thursday evening – 6:00-7:00 p.m. – at St. Thomas the Apostle, Ann Arbor.

Practice will include a chant version of Psalm 42 (the “juventutem” psalm) (small pdf), which we will introduce to our whole membership on September 28th, as well as a chant Te Deum (a hymn of praise to God, for use generally) (large pdf)

Please email Theresa, or just show up.

On Saturday, September 29th, the Feast of St. Michael, Theresa will travel to Columbus for the second day of a chant workshop by David Hughes at St. Patrick Church – registration form pdf.  It may be possible for you to travel with her, if you’re interested.


Bonus Mass & Dinner: St. Matthew

Juventutem Michigan is glad to announce that we have been welcomed to organize a Traditional Latin Mass for students and other young adults at Flint’s beautiful St. Matthew Catholic Church on the occasion of the feast of that parish’s patronal gospel writer, Friday, September 21st.

7:00 p.m. Mass will be preceded by a 6:30 Rosary, which will be prayed for an increased acceptance of vocations to the priesthood and religious life. ALL INTERESTED PERSONS ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND THE MASS.

Fr. Pieter van Rooyen will celebrate the Mass, which will be musically assisted by Wassim Sarweh and the Assumption Choir of Windsor, Ontario.

After Mass, young adults (18-35 years old) will gather at Churchill’s Food & Spirits – 340 South Saginaw Street – for an introduction to Juventutem Michigan, fine conversation, and a free salad and vegetarian pizza dinner (donations accepted from young professionals).


Monthly Mass & Dinner: Assumption Grotto

September 28th – Juventutem Michigan’s monthly Mass & Dinner come to Assumption Grotto for the first time, which will also be JM’s first Solemn High Mass.

7:00 p.m. Mass will be preceded by a 6:30 Rosary, at which members will pray for an increased acceptance of vocations to the priesthood and religious life. After Mass, young adults (18-35 years old) will gather for dinner and fine conversation at Villa Restaurant & Pizzeria for a buffet feast of salad, pasta, and pizza ($20).

The Mass is , of course, open to all ages and it is hoped that many of all ages will come. A priest may be available to hear confessions for half an hour before Mass.


St. Alphonsus, Windsor

On Thursday, October 11th at 7:00 p.m., St. Alphonsus Church in Windsor (see in this pdf) will hold a special Missa Cantata to mark the 50th Anniversary of the start of Vatican II, for the Feast of the Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This will be its first public Mass in the EF in over 40 years.

Wassim Sarweh and the Assumption Choir will sing. St. Alphonsus is a gorgeous historic church, located right next to the Tunnel exit.

Call to Holiness Conference: Celebrating Vatican II in the Modern Era

Call to Holiness is an organization of Catholics, obedient to the Vicar of Christ, faithful to the eternal truths of Jesus Christ. Our purpose is to defend and support the Magisterium, the teaching authority of the Catholic Church, through prayer, education and evangelization.

Saturday, October 13th, will see the state’s best conference on the 5oth anniversary of the Second Vatican Council.  Speakers will include: Bishop Alexander Sample; Fr. John Zuhlsdoft; Fr. Frank Phillips; Monica Miller; Louie Verrecchio; Fr. Brian Harrison; Fr. John Trigilio

Costs listed on their website:

Misa mensual y cena: Most Holy Redeemer

In October, Juventutem Michigan’s monthly Mass & Dinner come to Iglesia del Santísimo Redentor for the first time, which will also see JM’s first bilingual homily since the March 2012 MICYAC gathering in Lansing.

7:30 p.m. Mass will be preceded by a 7:00 (English-Spanish-Latin) Rosary, at which members will pray for an increased acceptance of vocations to the priesthood and religious life. After Mass, young adults (18-35 years old) will gather for dinner and fine conversation at a nearby restaurant.




Recap: Marie Reine 2012
Two members of Juventutem Michigan join about 80 other pilgrims for this 2.5 day, 62 mile walk of prayer to the beautiful shrine of Our Lady of the Cape.  We enjoyed a peaceful time in Montreal with the Brothers of Jerusalem and the beauty of the province of Quebec.

Check out the pictures and write-up of the pilgrimage, by Jacinthe Soulard.

We’re already planning to go again – mark your calendars for Labor Day 2013 – August 30-September 2!

Recent Tweets from @Juventutem_MI
1:37 PM – 14 Sep 12 – #ff @313ChurchBlog – when active, a great source of pics/info on the historic, worthy sanctuaries of the AoD
11:23 AM – 14 Sep 12 – #ff @JuvBoston – our sister chapter in Beantown, celebrating Holy Cross, tonight
7:52 PM – 12 Sep 12 – Upcoming Friday Missa Cantatas: 9/14, OSP-Ann Arbor; 9/21, St. Matthew-Flint; 9/28, Assumption Grotto-Detroit

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?
How can I help?



How do I join?
A Michigan young adult (age 18-35) can become a member of Juventutem Michigan by undertaking the commitments of Juventutem (listed on our polyglot website).  Young adults are encouraged – but not required – to prayerfully review the international charter of Juventutem (pdf) before committing to our mission.  The commitment year runs from May 24th until May 23rd of the following year.

From time to time, JM will forward to the international Bureau (HQ) the funds and registration information of those who wish to be members of JM for the remainder of the 2012-2013 year.  The international dues are 10€ – taking into account the international wiring fees, we will accept $15.  Please bring cash.

To become an enrolled member of Juventutem Michigan, you can pay the international dues and sign our rolls at any of our monthly socials.  In addition, we have prepared commitment cards which you may sign and carry to help remind of the commitments of the organization.

To assist the enrollment process, please supply your mailing address at the bottom of our survey form.

How can I help?
As a soon-to-be-registered non-profit, JM can use all sorts of help from those who believe in our mission.  As indicated above, this Google survey lists many needs that we have already identified.  Please view the survey, even if you ultimately don’t complete it.  If you are able to serve in a way that is not identified in this survey, please let us know.

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